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I loved veganism and fructorianism so much that I decided to create my own blog about it.

Vegan is a person following the principles of veganism. Vegans refuse to consume all types of meat, milk (not including breast milk when feeding infants), eggs, honey, as well as other substances and additives produced using animals (such as gelatin or carmine). In addition, vegans do not use clothes and other household items from products of animal origin (leather, wool, silk, etc.), and also refuse household chemicals and cosmetics tested on animals. Vegans do not support circuses with animals, zoos, dolphinariums and other entertainment involving the use of animals.

It differs from vegetarianism in that it affects not only the sphere of nutrition. People who only eat vegan foods are called vegans. In the English language, the term "plant-based" is used.

The term veganism was introduced in 1944 by British public figure Donald Watson when he established the Vegan Society. According to the definition of the Vegan Society: “Veganism is a way of life that seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation and cruelty towards animals for the sake of producing food, clothing or any other reason as much as possible and practicable.”

I eat only fruits, vegetables, greens, categorically do not eat meat, in general, on proper nutrition.

All this allowed me to lose weight and improve my health.

Therefore, I want to share my recipes and tell you all about this in more detail.


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